Tuesday, March 23, 2010

wow... i have not blogged in a long time.

so, i thought while i was here for the moment, i would put down a few lines.
whew... talk about craziness. we are super busy and when we are not super busy, i am watching the Bachelor (which has just ended... what a fool!), HGTV, or Dancing with the Stars (started last night, missed it, will catch it sometime today... hopefully). and that is about it.
The Celiac disease is going... i am gaining weight and not nearly as sick, so it must be going alright in the guttage area. :)
the buckaroos are growing like weeds. i want one more, the man says no. we'll see. there is no finalization there.
work is alright, busy, wearing me out... all of the above.
and... that is about it.... oh, and the West Texas weather has been horrible this winter (just for the record) I am beyond ready for the heat... and yes, there will be a whole bunch of laying out.
if i could be a professional sun bathe-r, i'd be all over that...
until the next time i stumble across my own blog... God bless you all!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

new names...

I am thinking of a few new names. Vintage Cowgirl was sort of something to put up there when i was craftin' some jean skirt, cross shirt, quilted hand bags for my booth in Amarillo. Now, i am consumed with more, dear to my heart kind of things, and I am considering a name change. Sort of like an identity crisis or personality funk. So, here we go... here are some thoughts...
the Celiac Cowgirl? To Be Or Gluten Free? hmmm... drawing a blank... anyone there?? does anyone read this thing?? we are about to be changing that up too. i am inspired (it may last for one night, but praise the Lord it hit me). I have a mission. check back soon!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

thinking about changing this up a little

so i am thinking about changing up the blog a little. i have requested some input from some "rockstars" (*you know who you are*) and we are gonna try this thing.
you see there are things about me you may or may not know. i am genious... ha ha. had to put that. i am a celiac. and gluten intolerance is really hard in our day and age of "you must serve a type of bread & buttah with each meal." without it it leaves that huge whole on the plate. HUGE! i am a working 8-5 mommy that just wants to be able to go snatch up her boys any time of the day. had it, didn't realize how great it was, lost it, and wishes to have it all back!! i am a dreamer! i am not okay with ho hum. i have had ho hum in some areas in the past and it is greatly overrated... not for me. no, i am no "rockstar" but i am a leader. i am creative. to a point, and then my sister takes over. she is a completer, that is a different post. i am in LOVE with our Father in Heaven. however, i am also in LOVE with going out, doing a jig, and having a drink.
i have something to offer this world. not behind a desk, four walls of a cubical, and an occassional dreamer of a student to be advised before me. i am inspired. i want to inspire. this is not inspiring...

it's about time...

i thought i would blog while at work. someone might randomly fall upon this post. if you do, please do not pass out. i know it has been forever. i am surfin' the web right now, looking for some inspiration as to things to get done this weekend...
brb. okay, had to go advise a student. so, other than advising the random over achiever, my day has been rather blah. we woke up late this morning. i mean, real late. like 7:45 was supposed to be sliding into my desk by then. had to get the hubby out to a wellness meeting, the boys dressed and loaded up, and mommy's face on all in way less than 15 minutes. wowzers! but we made it. i was 30 minutes late, but all is good.
i need to repost pictures, and i think it is time to change my background... as i am only a wantabee Vintage Cowgirl. in my dreams. really i am a late advising momma. ha ha! i will post more very, very soon!!